Elementary Program

Grade levels one through six are taught using both conventional and Montessori methods of child education and development. Daily activities include instruction in English (Reading and Writing), Math, and Cultural (this encompasses Botany, Zoology, and Geography). The program also includes Computers, Physical Education (P.E.), Science, and Spanish.

Our Elementary Classrooms

We use Google Classrooms to keep connected with our parents!

Please check your child's classroom bulletin board to join using a QR code invite.

V2 Class

Ms. Pragyna

1st Grade Classroom

V3 Class

Ms. Natalie

1st Grade Classroom

V10 Class

Ms. Myrna

2nd Grade Classroom

V9 Class

Ms. Verma

3rd Grade Classroom

V4/V5 Class

Ms. Shubhada

1st/2nd/3rd Combination Classroom

V16 Class

Ms. Shubha

4th/5th Combination Classroom

V17 Class

Ms. Christian

5th/6th Combination Classroom

V18 Class

Ms. Grace

4th Grade Classroom

Elementary Calendar & Events